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Product information and use

We all know that a lot of sugar isn’t good for us. However, without sugar, the body can’t function. Sugar is an important flavouring and energy supplier. The proteins in our products are the building materials. If the body can’t extract enough energy from the products, the proteins don’t have the added value that they’re recommended for. Sugar provides flavour and ensures that the added whey proteins do not adversely affect the taste. Proteins support fast muscle recovery after physical exertion and help
to maintain muscle mass.

The sugar in our products is an aid for obtaining sufficient energy in a small portion. Building Blocks may taste sweet, but their sugar content isn’t much higher than a piece of fruit such as an apple or a slice of gingerbread. Finally, it’s important to note that Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are no substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They really are a little treat – an indulgence.

In terms of composition, whey protein resembles body protein. Our products contain high-quality protein. In professional terms, we call this ‘biological value’. This means that the body can use the amino acids (protein is a long chain of amino acids) in whey protein for recovery after physical exertion. Whey protein is absorbed by the body quickly and supports the growth of muscle mass.

Innopastry would be happy to help if you have any questions about our products and how to use them. We have a dietitian who can answer all your questions. Her name is Mariska Dute and you can contact her at

‘May contain traces of gluten’ is specified on the packaging in accordance with legislation. Our products are regularly tested in laboratories for gluten and they conform to the ‘gluten-free’ standard. All laboratory results contain less than 5mg/kg; a maximum of 20mg/kg applies for gluten-free products. We therefore easily comply with this standard. In the bakery, flour is used in the production of other products. Before manufacturing Easy to Eat, the production area is completely cleaned in order to remove any gluten or gluten-containing products. We also produce the products in a separate room. So you don’t have to worry: Easy to Eat is completely ‘gluten-free’. NB: our energy and protein-enriched Building Blocks and mini Building Blocks are NOT gluten-free.

The standard-sized Building Blocks contain 18g of sugar per cake. This corresponds to the quantity of sugar in four cubes of sugar (standard size). For comparison: one glass of soft drink contains approximately 21g of sugar, which is equal to five sugar cubes. Easy to Eat contains even less sugar than the standard-sized Building Blocks. One portion of Easy to Eat contains 8g of sugar per cup. The mini Building Blocks contain 10g of sugar per 30g serving.

Please discuss this carefully with your dietitian. Easy to Eat is probably more suitable as it has a soft, smooth consistency, which makes it easy to consume. Easy to Eat has a very viscous consistency, which can be easily demonstrated by scooping the liquid onto a fork. The liquid should stay on the fork without dripping through the tines. The product doesn’t react to saliva from the mouth and keeps its thick liquid consistency.

The need for protein varies from person to person. It depends on weight, age and personal circumstances. The average healthy person needs 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. That comes to approximately 56g of protein for a person weighing 70kg. Your dietitian can tell you how much you specifically need.

Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat contribute to the reference intake for protein and are a welcome addition to the protein consumed as part of the daily diet. One Building Block is equivalent to two mini Building Blocks. Mini Building Blocks contain 5.5g of protein, compared to 10g in the standard-size Building Blocks. One Easy to Eat contains 11g of protein.

For specific questions, we always recommend consulting your dietitian.

Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are a welcome addition to the usual diet. They’re considered inviting, tasty treats – and that’s important to us. They need to be delicious while having an attractive design as well. The portions are small and not too heavy on the stomach. There’s also a social aspect: enjoying a cake or tasty snack is associated with spending time together. Usually, people eat them in the company of others. In addition, we use whey proteins, which have many benefits.


Mini Building Blocks are available at Plus, Hoogvliet, Jumbo and Coop supermarkets. The standard-sized Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are only available at Jumbo. The products are always in the freezer section. If you can’t find Building Blocks or Easy to Eat products at your local Jumbo branch, ask an employee to order them for you. You can also order the product of your choice online and select the location where you want to collect it. A summary of locations where you can buy Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat products near you is available here.

No, Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are not yet available in France or Germany. For the time being, you can only buy them in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In Belgium, Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are available from Revogan organic and health food shops. Find out where the Belgian retail outlets are located on the Revogan website.

For professionals

Our Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat are not reimbursed by health insurers. Costs you incur for following a diet and specific dietary products such as energy and protein-enriched food including Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat count as specific medical expenses. Above a certain threshold, you may deduct those costs in your income tax return. We recommend that you keep the receipt if you wish to do so. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration’s website provides a summary of deductible medical expenses.

The regulation on specific medical expenses applies to all persons within the household. Use the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration’s calculation tool for specific medical expenses to calculate how much you can deduct.

Innopastry is happy to work with you to increase awareness of Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat within the target group that they’re intended for. We’d be happy to send you our lovely product cards containing information about Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat. The cards are free of charge and you can distribute them as you wish. If you’re interested, please contact our dietitian at Please specify how you’d like to use the materials.
Free samples are not financially viable for all dietitians and care providers, but we’d definitely be interested in supporting various activities. There are various options that we can discuss. You can also request a free product presentation. Our dietitian will give you more information and you can familiarise yourself with the products at a tasting.

Innopastry is happy to work with you to increase awareness of Building Blocks, mini Building Blocks and Easy to Eat . If we can’t be present at a trade fair, we’d be happy to send you our lovely product cards for you to distribute – at no extra cost. Supply of samples depends on the location and purpose of the event. For more information, please contact our dietitian Mariska Dute at


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