Innopastry’s mission is to reduce undernourishment and assist with chewing and swallowing difficulties by developing protein-rich cakes and desserts. Comfort is a key priority. Our innovative products respond to the need for extra nutrients with old age, during illness, and or recovery. The delicious taste and attractive design make eating them a pleasure.

History of the products

In 2008, Innopastry developed mini Building Blocks in response to  the healthcare sectors increasing wish for products containing extra vitamins, minerals and proteins. Especially for people suffering from undernourishment. Building Blocks are delicious cakes enriched with high-quality protein. A year later, the second product in the range was introduced: Easy to Eat. This innovative, amylase resistent, product targets: people who have problems swallowing (dysphagia). Easy to Eat is a snack or dessert made from fresh dairy products and – the name says it all – it’s easy to eat.

Innovation awards

Both Building Blocks and Easy to Eat have been awarded two innovation prizes. In 2008, Innopastry were awarded the Koks! Innovatie trophy for Food Hospitality in the category ‘tasty food and drink in healthcare institutions’ with their Building Blocks. The Building Blocks also won the overall prize for best innovation out of all entries in both Food and Non-Food.

In 2009, Easy to Eat won the Koks! Innovatie trophy. In the same year, Easy to Eat won the Food Hospitality innovation prize, category Front Office.


“Our tasty cakes and snacks are enriched with high-quality protein, but most importantly: they're absolutely delicious!”

Kim Kegge, Director

From Brabant

Innopastry is situated in ’s-Hertogenbosch, in the Brabant region of the Netherlands. Innopastry is since 2019 owned by: Kim Kegge who also ownes Petitpastry. Next to Innopastry’s innovative cakes and snacks, Petitpastry manufactures mini cakes and petits fours for the catering industry, wholesalers, bakeries and bakery wholesalers.

Our team

Our team of 15, including bakers and support staff, has a passion for craftsmanship. If you have specific questions about the products or how to use them, you can send an email to Mariska Dute at mariska@innopastry.com. Our  Commercial Manager and Deputy Director is Richard Huisman. For questions and requests, you can contact Richard at info@innopastry.com.