“My grandmother sometimes gives me a Building Block when I visit, I love them.”
"This snack helps me get enough protein. The cinnamon one is especially nice."
"I regularly buy Building Blocks for my mother. She finds them delicious.
"When the grandchildren come round, they ask if they can have one."
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Innopastry specially developes protein-rich, easy-to-eat, snacks and desserts. Our products help reduce undernourishment and chewing- or swallowing difficulties. Not only are our products very tasty, they really give your body a boost.


Introducing Building Blocks and Easy to Eat. These award-winning, tasty cakes and fresh desserts provide extra protein and energy, combining function and comfort . The products are an indulgence, a prefect treat with tea, coffee or after dinner.

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Both Building Blocks and Easy to Eat have been awarded two innovation prizes. In 2008, Innopastry were awarded the Koks! Innovatie trophy for Food Hospitality in the category ‘tasty food and drink in healthcare institutions’ with their Building Blocks. The Building Blocks also won the overall prize for best innovation out of all entries in both Food and Non-Food.

In 2009, Easy-to-Eat won the Koks! Innovatie trophy. In the same year, Easy to Eat won the Food Hospitality innovation prize, category Front Office.


For consumers
Our products are available from over 1,200 stores and locations. In the Netherlands, Building Blocks are sold at supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Coop, Jumbo, Hoogvliet and Plus. The standard-sized Building Blocks and Easy-to-Eats are only available at Jumbo. If you can’t find them on the shelves, ask an employee. If they are out of stock, the supermarket can order the products for you. Our products are also available online through Boostbuddies.com.

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For professionals, healthcare and internationally
Hospitals and healthcare organizations can order all our products from healthcare wholesalers such as Bidfood, Daily Fresh Food, De Jong Diepvries, Distrivers, Holland Food Service, Huuskes, Van Hoeckel, Van Smaak and Zorgboodschap.
In Belgium, Innopastry products are available from Revogan organic and health food shops and through Java Foodservice.