“I regularly buy Building Blocks for my mother. She finds them delicious."
"We enjoy them together. It gives me just that little boost I need to feel like eating again."
“Building Blocks are a real treat and perfect for when you can do with that extra boost.”
"My grandmother sometimes gives me a Building Block when I visit, I love them."

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Small treats that really do you good

Did you know… Building Blocks are delicious cakes that come in strawberry, banana, chocolate and speculoos flavors? And they aren’t just cakes. A Building Block is the size of a petit four but contains more protein than three slices of wholegrain bread. Building Blocks are ideal if you need that extra boost during the course of the day.

Building Blocks don’t replace a meal – they’re a real treat. They’re perfect as a sweet snack in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Young and old enjoy them. They go perfectly with tea or coffee, or as a tasty dessert. A real indulgence!

“Building Blocksare a delicious treat and perfect for when you can do with that extra boost.”

Karla, dietitian

Who are Building Blocks meant for?

Anyone can enjoy a Building Block, but they have been specially developed for people suffering from undernourishment. Due to a reduced appetite or nausea, for example, they don’t always manage to eat enough. A tasty boost in the form of a little cake can be just what they need to get their appetite back.

Why are Building Blocks protein enriched?

Each Building Block contains 10g of high-quality protein. Protein is important for physical recovery and muscle mass retention. The protein in Building Blocks originates from whey and is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. It also contains all of the amino acids your body needs to enable the proteins to work properly. In addition to the standard Building Blocks, mini versions of the Building Blocks are also available. They’re just as tasty, but smaller in size and each contains 5.5g of protein.

For more information about Building Blocks or if you have a specific question, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions..

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A tasty treat for any time of day

Building Blocks are available in four refreshing flavors: strawberry, banana, chocolate and speculoos. Each Building Block comprises very light cake with a soft, creamy filling. It can be a delicious treat, dessert or snack.

Building Blocks contain only natural raw materials. They are free from genetically modified ingredients and artificial additives. Did you know that you can alternate them with other products? Take a look at our tips on alternating our products. The standard-sized Building Blocks are packaged in units of four and the mini Building Blocks are packed in units of eight. You can find them in the freezer section of the supermarket.

Download the product specifications here:
– Building Blocks: strawberry, banana, chocolate, speculoos.
– Mini Building Blocks: strawberry, banana, chocolate, speculoos.
– Mix: Building Blocks, Mini Building Blocks.


Building Blocks can be eaten fresh from the freezer and can be found in the freezer section of the supermarket. The mini Building Blocks are available at Albert Heijn, Coop, Jumbo, Hoogvliet and Plus supermarkets. The standard-sized Building Blocks are only available at Jumbo. If you can’t find them on the shelves, ask an employee. If they are out of stock, the supermarket can order the products for you. Find out here where you can buy the mini and standard-sized Building Blocks near you.

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Building Blocks are best served chilled. Defrost the cakes in the fridge four hours before consumption (at max. 7ºC). You can store them in the fridge for up to five days. Once defrosted, you cannot refreeze the Building Blocks.