For professionals

Hospitals and healthcare organizations in the Netherlands can order all our products from healthcare wholesalers such as Bidfood, Daily Fresh Food, De Jong Diepvries, Distrivers, Holland Food Service, Huuskes, Van Hoeckel, Van Smaak and Zorgboodschap. For Belgium contact Revogan.

For consumers

Our products are available from over 1,200 stores or online through Boostbuddies.com.
Below is a summary of the entire product range and where they are available.

Building Blocks
For extra protein and energy

Mini Building Blocks mix, 4 x 2 units
from Albert Heijn, Coop, Hoogvliet, Jumbo and Plus

Building Blocks mix, 4 x 1 units
from Jumbo

Mini Building Blocks speculoos, 18 units
Through Boostbuddies

Mini Building Blocks banana, 18 units
Through Boostbuddies

Mini Building Blocks strawberry, 18 units
Through Boostbuddies

Mini Building Blocks chocolate, 18 units
Via Boostbuddies

Easy to Eat
Protein enriched and amylase resistant

Easy to Eat mix, 3 x 2 units
from Jumbo


Easy to Eat raspberry, 6 units
Through Boostbuddies


Easy to Eat cinnamon, 6 units
Through Boostbuddies


Easy to Eat tropical, 6 units
Through Boostbuddies

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“For questions or requests relating to our products, don't hesitate to get in touch.”

Richard Huisman, Deputy Director