“When the grandchildren come round, they often ask if they can have one.”
"Easy-to-eat are delicious treats and supply me with the protein I need, cinnamon is my favorite."
"It's really easy to eat, and it fits into my gluten-free diet, which is very important."

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So soft that it melts in your mouth

Easy to Eat is a snack or dessert made from fresh dairy products and – the name says it all – it’s easy to eat. It’s available in three refreshing flavors: raspberry, tropical and cinnamon. You can enjoy Easy to Eat at any time of day, in addition to your usual diet. It’s a real indulgence for yourself, which you can also enjoy with friends and family.

But is it a dessert or a snack? The truth is: it can be either! Easy to Eat is the perfect way to finish off your meal, and you can also eat it between meals. You can enjoy it just when you want it or feel you need that extra boost.

“For people with problems swallowing,these desserts are a great solution.You can see that they enjoy eating them.”

Miranda, home nurse

Who is Easy to Eat meant for?

Anyone can enjoy Easy to Eat, but it has been specially developed for people who need extra protein and energy and have difficulty swallowing. It has a very soft consistency, or in other words: it’s ‘amylase resistant’. That’s why it fits into a thickened liquid diet or soft food diet so easily. Due to its fresh aftertaste, Easy to Eat is also very suitable for consumption after and with medication. Easy to Eat also fits into a gluten-free diet as it doesn’t contain gluten.

Why is Easy to Eat protein enriched?

A portion of Easy to Eat contains 11g of high-quality protein. As with Building Blocks, this protein originates from whey and is absorbed by the body quickly and easily. Easy to Eat also contains all of the necessary amino acids the body needs to enable the proteins to work properly.

For more information about Easy to Eat or if you have a specific question, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


Easy to Eat contains only natural raw materials. They are free from genetically modified ingredients and artificial additives. This delicious snack or dessert made from fresh dairy products is gluten free and suitable for people with diabetes. It’s gelatin free, making it suitable for vegetarians.

Tasty and refreshing

Easy to Eat is available in three refreshing flavors: raspberry, tropical and cinnamon. It’s a tasty treat for any time of day. The desserts are packaged in units of six and can be found in the freezer section of the supermarket. Did you know that you can alternate them with other products? Variation keeps the eating experience interesting and prevents boredom. We’d be happy to give you some tips on alternating our products.

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Easy to Eat: raspberry, cinnamon, tropical, mix.


Easy to Eat can be eaten fresh from the freezer and can be found in the freezer section of the supermarket. For the time being, Easy to Eat is only available at Jumbo. If you can’t find them on the shelves, ask an employee. If they are out of stock, the supermarket can order the products for you.

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Easy to Eat is best served chilled. Defrost it in the cooler or fridge four hours before consumption (at max. 7ºC). You can store them in the fridge for up to four days. Once defrosted, they cannot be refrozen.